UB Nordic Forest Fund II LP will establish a 100-hectare nature reserve in Sotkamo, north of Finland

United Bankers' forest fund UB Nordic Forest Fund II LP and the Kainuu ELY Centre (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) have agreed to establish a 100-hectare nature reserve in Tipasoja, Sotkamo. The Korkealouhi-Katajavaara site in Kainuu is of nature conservation significance due to its old rocky areas, pines and reeds. The specialty of the site is the deep, narrow gorge of Korkealouhi, located north of the area. There are several ponds in the area whose beaches are beautiful in their natural state. In addition, the area has cliffs, sparsely wooded bogs and riparian forests. The most wooded areas are mainly old pine forest of dry or barren heath. The delimitation also includes, to some extent, the area that was a commercial forest.


Jyri Hietala, the landowner's representative, states that the protection of biodiversity is a part of sustainable forestry: “Thanks to local forest experts, Tipasoja's Korkealouhi-Katajavaara has been known to the fund for several years. The protection of this diverse forest area is a great example of the smooth co-operation between the landowner and the ELY Centre and the effectiveness of voluntary protection.”


The conservation regulations of a private nature reserve provide for prohibited and permitted measures in the areas. In the protected area e.g. picking berries and mushrooms and hunting in accordance with the Hunting Act are allowed.


The protection of the areas was made possible by the additional allocation for the protection of forests in Northern Finland. This appropriation will be available until the end of 2022. Landowners interested in protection can contact the local forest management association, Finnish Forest Centre or ELY Centre. The natural science selection criteria of the Forest Biodiversity Programme for Southern Finland (METSO) are used as the selection criteria for protected areas.


Further information:


UB Nordic Forest Management Oy, President and CEO Jyri Hietala, jyri.hietala@unitedbankers.fi, 040 359 3566


Kainuu ELY Centre, environmental expert Marja Manninen, marja.manninen@ely-keskus.fi,
tel. 0295 023 813


Photo: Pekka Korhonen